Selected infographics

Presidential campaign appearances

This map shows where the 2008 presidential candidates appeared over the course of the campaign.

The patchy return of New Orleans

A portrait of New Orleans neighborhoods three years after Hurricane Katrina.

Interactive map of Beijing

This graphic includes a map of Beijing’s old city showing which neighborhoods have been rebuilt since 1949.

Mapping the human diseasome

A visualization of relationships between individual genes and diseases. (I adapted the chart for the web.)

All of inflation's little pieces

This graphic shows average American household consumption, based on Consumer Price Index data.

Primary election maps

I made a series of interactive election maps during the 2008 presidential primaries to show state- and county-level returns as they were reported on election night.

The ebb and flow of movies

A look at box office revenues since 1986. This is an interactive version of a chart designed by Lee Byron and Amanda Cox.

2007 California wildfires

A map of the fires showing data collected by the MODIS satellite.